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Robert M. Klein

Robert Klein has been representing clients in personal injury, business litigation and employment law for over 25 years.

Professional Profile

Robert Klein


Title: Attorney At Law
Phone: 310-820-6700
Fax: 310-207-4612
Email: robert@rkleinlaw.com


A client is a person who suffers an injury in an accident caused by the carelessness or inattention of another. For example, a car accident or car crash where a driver fails to stop for a red light, or makes an unsafe left turn causing a collision (or traffic accident). A client is a person who trips and falls, or slips and falls due to a dangerous condition. For example, a person who falls in a parking lot because of a pothole, or a person who falls on a staircase because xthere is a missing or loose handrail.

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11611 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 820
Los Angeles, CA 90049

phone: 310-820-6700
cell: 310-402-2414
fax: 310-­207-4612
email: robert@rkleinlaw.com